Run Forrest, Run

Well, think a little less Bubba Gump and a little more corner shop Flump because this running man is a very British superhero. Jamie McDonald, who suffered from immune deficiency and syringomyelia, a potentially fatal spinal condition as a child, is currently half way through his latest fundraising adventure for children in a similar situation to himself.

Just as Forrest did before him, Jamie has challenged himself to complete a 6000 mile coast-to-coast run across America, all dressed as a superhero, naturally. He’s just crossed into Texas, the sixth of fifteen states he plans to cover, and has completed the equivalent of 115 marathons so far. Plus, in true Hollywood style, Jamie’s trip has not been without its dose of drama so far. From being caught in Texas floods to being mistaken for a Mexican drug runner, it may not exactly have been smooth sailing but, as he’s hoping to raise over £250,000 for his charity the Superhero Foundation, it’s all par for the course for such an experienced caped crusader.

I’m doing this to show people, and especially children in situations like I was, and many worse, that anything is possible, and that you can’t give up on hope and health.” – Jamie McDonald

McDonald has previously completed a 14,000 mile bike ride from Bangkok to Gloucester on a second hand bike costing just £50 and ran across Canada dressed as The Flash. Although it’s definitely not his first gruelling challenge, the former tennis coach is having to battle the searing heat of deserts and sub-zero nights across his 230 marathons. Rumours of his inventing a catchy bumper sticker are as yet, unconfirmed.